Commercial Solar Panels: Are Commercial Solar Panels Worth It?

Are solar panels worth it for businesses? Going solar and deciding to get solar panels are something a lot of people are considering at the moment, from residential homes to commercial buildings, especially in New Orleans. There are a few places where you could go if you are considering  commercial solar in New Orleans but the question remains, are commercial solar panels worth it? How much can you save with commercial solar panels?

How Can Commercial Solar Panels Benefit My Business

  1. Reduce Your Business Costs

When you avail solar panels for your commercial building for your business, they will significantly reduce the cost of your business power bill each month. You will massively reduce how much energy you are using from the grid when you have solar panels that are installed to your business property. When you have your own clean, renewable energy, then you will be able to free up your business costs and power bills, so you will have more disposable income.

Commercial solar is definitely worth it when you use a lot of power and when you are heavily reliant on the grid. The businesses that could benefit from solar panels are supermarkets and independent schools where any money that is saved would also be invested back into the business itself.

If a business would install a 70 kW system, then you could reduce the cost of electricity by $10,000 to $12,000 dollars. Energy yield, energy prices, panel tilt and the pabek performance may or may not change savings.

  1. Have More Money To Spend On Growing Your Business

You are using the energy that you have generated and stored yourself when you have insta;;ed commercial solar panels, and not from the grid. Your electricity bills would go down when you are not buying energy from the grid which means that you are going to have much more money monthly when you are investing back into your business. 

This would help your business grow and this is called the commercial solar investment funnel. The more money that you save each month would be used to help pay off any of the loans and finances you have for your commercial solar systems and would make financial sense for business owners.

  1. Your Business Will Become Environmentally Friendly

Among consumers and communities, the knowledge about the world we live in is starting to come up, and taking a stance on the climate crisis has become more and more popular. People in New Orleans are all making the move to make a future a bit greener.

Solar panels had made great impacts on local communities and it could offer a range of different benefits and it could promote your new environmental status may or may not help in generating new business and referrals.

There would come a flood of support from local buyers and will begin to start flooding in when your businesses move to solar panels and the reason would have to be because you have the correct business ethics and morals. Commercial solar would help you gain an eco-friendly status and make getting solar panels in New Orleans super worth it.

  1. Reduce The Operational Cost Of Your Business

Getting solar panels would be a wise investment for you if your business has high operational costs and reducing your business operation cost would have a massive range of benefits for business owners. It is arguably the most important way when you want to make your business more profitable. Large companies are looking for ways to lower the cost of operations.

Decreasing the money that you spend on your energy, power, light, and anything electricity related would be the right thing to do since energy is one of the most expensive areas for businesses and the most used expenses as well.

When you reduce this, it would lower your operational costs and spurt growth for your business and it would make it possible for you to potentially see your business have lower costs and higher growth.

  1. Increase Your Property Value

Having solar panels in your commercial building can help you increase your business worth because then, your assets have become more valuable. When you are more independent in your business property, then it would attract more investors and potential buyers. Having solar panels is a fantastic asset to have.

It would leave your options open and when you have solar panels, solar panels would be a great asset and if you ever want to sell your property and move into bigger premises, then it would increase it. Potential buyers and investors would rather look at a company that is independent of the gris and would produce their own power incase of emergency blackouts and problems.

  1. Low Maintenance

Commercial solar panels have very low maintenance and solar panels are built to last because eo the robust design that solar panels have. The minimum product warranty of a solar panel would have to be over 10 to 15 years depending on the brand of the solar panel. 

When you have a low maintenance product, you would not have to worry about your panels once they have been installed. You could get your solar panels cleaned up every 5 to 10 years and it would not cost you more than your investment and you could rely on your solar panels to make you return on investments.

How Much Can You Save With Commercial Solar Panels?

Size Daily Energy Generation Yearly Energy Generation Assumed Price Rate

10 kW 45 kWh           16,425 kWh     $0.20 per kWh

39 kW             175 kWh           63,875 kWh     $0.15 per kWh

70 kW             315 kWh           114,975 kWh     $0.13 per kWh

100 kW             450 kWh           164,250 kWh     $0.10 per kWh

Getting solar panels for your buildings is great when you have your own business. It is one of the strongest and safest ways to get your investment back this year, and probably in the next 100 more years to come. You would be able to make more money with the amount of money that you have saved from your energy bills.