Tips on How To Shop For 1 Carat Round Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring takes so much effort to be able to get the right one. Men give their best for the awaited proposal they are planning for their partners and to get ready for it, they start looking for an engagement ring they can offer to their partners. Jewelers on the other hand never stop to create new designs for engagement rings, so they can meet the demands of their clients who seek unique and personalized engagement rings. To help you decide easier we like to recommend 1 Carat Round Engagement Ring. And here are some guides on how to shop for 1 carat round engagement ring?

Prepare Your Budget 

Having an amount in mind can help you know what engagement ring can be possibly bought or created with that amount of money you have. Now the question is how much does a 1-Carat round diamond cost?This depends on several factors and can range from $1,800 to $12,000. That’s how much a 1-carat round diamond costs ! However, you can get a 1-carat diamond that fits your budget if you ask for assistance from jewelers who can cut precise diamonds since an exact  1-carat diamond is hard to cut and pricey, 0.990 or 0.99 can still be considered a 1-carat diamond. A small size difference can affect the price. 

Choosing the Shape 

Round diamond engagement rings 1 carat will be perfect, since the size of a 1-carat diamond is approximately 6.5 mm in diameter, it will be hard to choose from a variety of shapes. Aside from round shape, pear shape and oval shape will also be a good choice. Other shapes are also possible for a 1-carat engagement ring as long as a skilled cutter will be able to cut it smoothly. 

Choosing Colors for Diamonds

Diamonds may look colorless but not all are colorless. Although colorless ones are the best choice they are rare and pricey. Color range from G to I will be good enough as an alternative  for colorless ones, it will also be more affordable. The yellow tints of nearly colorless diamonds are not obvious, so they can be perfect for replacing colorless diamonds. Nearly colorless diamonds can make the ring sparkle more. 

Choosing Setting for 1 Carat Round Engagement Ring

For the settings it can match any settings that’s why it is perfect for customized rings. Here are some sample 1-Carat Diamond Ring On Hand offered by Jewelry stores:

  • 1-Carat Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

A Halo setting can be a good choice to secure the diamond and put it in place. Halos setting is perfect to preserve the 1-carat diamond as well as make it appear bigger if surrounded by smaller stones. 

  • 1-Carat Diamond Pave  Engagement Ring

Pave settings can add beauty to 1-carat diamond center stones. Having stones on the shank of the ring can give more appeal to the ring. 

  • 1-Carat Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring

Vintage designs can also be a good choice for your partners who are fond of old-fashioned style. What’s more, putting vintage features on your 1-carat diamond ring can up its volume making it more attractive. 

Choosing the Metal

White and yellow gold will be a good option for a 1-carat diamond engagement ring. These two colors can match the sparkle of the small center stone. And it will be great to match it with different settings. What’s more it can add to the value of the ring since you can opt for 14k or 18k white or yellow gold.  

Now that you know the details on how to shop for 1 carat round engagement ring you can now start creating your layout on the features of your ring. Opting for a 1-carat diamond engagement ring can be ideal for people who know how much they have to spend on an engagement ring, and they don’t have to worry how many carats is needed for their ring. a 1-carat diamond engagement ring can easily be customized to the designs you desire because the center stone is tiny which means adding more details will not make the ring over-decorated. Make your proposal special by getting a 1-carat diamond engagement ring to offer to your future wife.